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logging off by chopping an entire tree down and having it fall onto my laptop

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I just kind of laugh when I see bigots review bomb Star Wars flicks because they are showing it's not really about the material, which has been consistent, even in light of the awfulness what was Episodes I, II, III. They just wan to see some shit that validates their view of the world.

And Star Wars has never been about that. It's never been about one person, much less one white dude.

It's always been a story about Balance and the lack their of.

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horny, HRT, gender tf ?? you know where this is going 

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re: good morning selfie 

Sometimes this space feel like an echo chamber without the echo

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game development rules, except for all the parts that suck

lewdness directed at various aspects of the LGBT community and genitals 

and cuddled to sleep in a cozy blanket fort

I wish to be held in the way a fuzzy gender queer blob like me should be held

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